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DQ LIVE is the forum for leaders in business technology. While there are pockets of excellence in use of business technology, the last two decades were primarily about deploying technology to automate and support business operations. Higher up in maturity is the use of information technology as an enabler of business strategy. This is what leadership in business technology was all about. But they need to do more.

Most technology units traditionally are treated like cost centers, except a few that are treated like service centers or profit centers. In such cases, the quest for external growth misaligns some parts of the IT-business equation.

What would it take technology units to be treated as ‘business value centers’? What are the new and radical possibilities across various business functions that technology can deliver? What are the expectations of the C-suite from technology? How should business technology leaders map their initiatives to meet C-Suite imperatives exactly and more?

These are the questions DQ LIVE would answer.

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